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May 19 2018

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Ice queen of Fort Briggs Olivier Armstrong (◡‿◡✿)

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Ascona, Switzerland  📸 Chris Burkard Photography

May 18 2018

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into the noise

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May 17 2018

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La Femme Chauve-Souris, c.1890, Albert Joseph Pénot

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Heard some important information on Twitter today, and thought I’d post it here for anyone who may not have heard it. This is actually a thing, devised by human rights organisation called Karma Nirvana.

Reblog to save a life?

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If you haven’t checked out the kickstarter for “When Is High Moon” already then make sure you don’t miss it because there’s only 42 hours left! We’ve unlocked a new reward which is receiving a set of signed prints from a few of the artists. I’ll be contributing this page from my comic to be one of the prints. Thank you so much if you’ve donated already, and I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with this awesome book! (The link to the kickstarter page is in my bio)☝️

#WhenIsHighMoon #Comic #Disneyartists #Anthology #kickstarter #illustration #art #digitalart (at Walt Disney Animation Studios)

May 12 2018

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Is this the meaning of ascended ?

This is some next level shit right here.

this is what destroyed the dwemer

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I said previous post that the ‘Single Pale Rose’ board was “an adventure for me.” This is a euphemism for saying that it was important to me and I stressed about it. When that happens, I usually step away from the computer and do a lot more thinking on paper. Paper, especially scrap paper and post-its, is less ‘precious’ than the computer file that I turn in and makes me feel less self conscious about trying stuff out.

I have a lot of paper scraps from this episode.

Note: The final episode version of Pink’s reveal was drawn by Rebecca! :)

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May 10 2018

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May 09 2018

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Abstract Cat

May 08 2018










So many Pro-Spanking advocates talk about how they “Deserved” to be hit by their parents because they were “a bad kid.” And it makes me so sad.

You weren’t.

You weren’t a bad kid, and you didn’t deserve to be hit. Maybe you were a difficult kid, maybe you struggled with boundaries or rules or expectations. Maybe you had bad behavior much of the time. But you, yourself, were not and are not a BAD person for that, and you didn’t EARN violence. You didn’t have it coming. It shouldn’t have happened to you. 

Someone’s kids are spoiled rotten little fucks who don’t know how to behave in public or at home. There have been many attempts to successfully pull spanking from parenting in recent years as the post modernist mentality hit that realm. But there is a reason is it a tried and true part of parenting because there is a balance to achieve between rewards and punishment. Some parents are too liberal with spankings and others won’t even hold it in reserve for the worst of behaviors. New age parenting is incomplete because it only looks at half of the nessisary puzzle to raise your child. If you look at studies previous to the 90s you find that spanking was beneficial, but when the post modernist echo chamber started impacting psychology this flipped to reject all classic knowledge as is a trend with post modernism as a whole.

Spanking does more harm than good

The AAP stance on discipline

Research on Spanking: It’s Bad for ALL Kids

10 Reasons Not to Hit Your Child

Reduced Prefrontal Cortical Gray Matter Volume in Young Adults Exposed to Harsh Corporal Punishment

Mothers’ Spanking of 3-Year-Old Children and Subsequent Risk of Children’s Aggressive Behavior

Physical Punishment and Mental Disorders: Results From a Nationally Representative US Sample

Spanking and Child Development Across the First Decade of Life

Ten (more) Reasons Not to Hit Your Kids

Seriously, Don’t Spank Your Kids

Why parents should never spank children


Don’t spank your children. Do these 5 things instead.

And all of these are post 1990. Did you even read what I said, or simply get triggered by my statement so quick you just replied.

The first one explicitly says that its built off 50 years of collected meta data. Soooo.

And Also “This science is too recent” is an interesting methodology. Like…that…isn’t how sociology works. 

also, the main reason nonviolent parenting styles haven’t worked isn’t because you need violence to parent, it’s because the various methods never actually address the problem.

we have this weird idea that consequences are the best deterrent to bad behavior, but that simply isn’t true. If consequences- be it spanking, a time out, losing your video games, going to jail, etc- are the ONLY THING keeping you from doing something bad, you’ll more than likely do it if you think you can get away with it. or, alternatively, you’ll be so afraid of consequences that you’ll be mentally incapacitated at the slightest hint that someone is upset with you, killing your social life and any chance to learn the skills you need to handle that situation.

what actually stops being from misbehaving is understanding WHY they shouldn’t do something. and “my house, my rules” doesn’t cut it as a reason; there needs to be an understandable reason. sometimes it’s an inherent consequence; you can’t put a cookie in the ps2 because then the ps2 breaks and you can’t play video games anymore. sometimes it’s a moral reason; you can’t hit your sister because it hurts her and makes her upset. sometimes it’s a social reason; grandma will think you’re rude if you drop a hard boiled egg in her water glass.

you need to actually talk to your kid and help them understand these things with whatever level of reasoning they have. and if they’re too young to be reasoned with, they’re too young to understand why you’re hurting them.

another issue is that many times, the child does understand why they need to be better, but they’re unable to. bad grades are a huge example of this. getting spanked for a bad grade never made me do better, it just made me cry so hard i choked every time i got anything below a C. it took until highschool, with no help from my parents or teachers, to realize that the reason i was failing was because i had memory problems, and it took another year to figure out how to remember better. if my dad had sat down and taught me some ways to remember better instead of putting me over his knee, i would have been doing much better.

and this may surprise you, but the reason we’re finally understanding that spanking DOESN’T benefit kids is because we’re finally looking at them as people, not pets or property. child psychology is about understanding that this is a human being with all the same capacity for feelings that you have, maybe even more, and not nearly enough resources to express them. children aren’t little monsters that need to be herded and corralled and trained. they’re very tiny, very confused people, and it’s our responsibility to teach them how life works.

Seriously, stop hitting your kids! Just last night I saw a dad smack his daughter(probably no older than 1) on the back of the head because she accidentally knocked a water cup onto the flour. She didn’t understand that, all she knew was she got smashed. Stop fucking hitting your kids.

That last one pisses me off so much. That could seriously injure her because she’s so little, besides the fact that hitting your kids is just fucking bad!! Don’t do it!!!

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Some retro chibi Sammy art from a super old game guide for the original Metroid.

Nintendo needs to make a new 2D metroid game in this art style

May 07 2018






number 23 for the class?


19, and i never fucking learned how to read

Posts like these really reveal how little I pay attention to the usernames

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this conservative meme is arguing that liberals are dumb because bernie sanders doesn’t exist

I knew he was too good to be true :(

No it’s because they all give you free stuff

The tooth fairy gives you nothing for free, she must be paid in teeth.

Same with Taxes and social benefits.

So that is now 2 systems of  exchange you don’t understand and one of them is for 5 year olds :P

The Easter bunny also does not give you anything for free, you must engage in a contest of skill and visual acuity.

Santa demands a certain amount of prosocial behavior before he gives you anything better than coal. Seems like children enjoy transparent methods of exchange in which their investment of emotional and physical labor is directly compensated. 

I mean like. Kids love free shit too. But none of the above are examples of that.

Oh shit

May 06 2018

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I have a major sweet tooth…

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