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October 01 2017




Hey remember early last year when the Large Hadron Collider overloaded and broke down and people were like “phew good thing nothing weird happened like a shift in reality.” Maybe it’s time to revisit that.

September 30 2017

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August 24 2017






Reality show where Canadians are send to Australia and vice versa. 

No plot.

No missions.

Just Canadians and Australians trying to survive each other’s weather. 

Our latest episode



People who are reblogging this without the pictures are missing out because I’m hilarious 

The best thing about this post is that Australia and Canada are in opposite hemispheres so you can run both segments simultaneously and the Australian will be in the worst of Canada’s winter while the Canadian is in the worst of Australia’s summer

August 22 2017

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This is a GIF version of my contribution to eclipsecore.org organized and curated by Rick Silva. 

To see the animated loop with sound go here: https://vimeo.com/230369024 

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- Meeting point (at Earth)

Photograph by Aleksandar Jason



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International Space Station - Eclipse 2017 photobomb via Nasa.

August 17 2017

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Zidane + Garnet (FFIX) | ナンポウ

August 16 2017

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Watch the new Rick and Morty episode tonight!!! Here’s a sour Pickle Rick!

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August 15 2017

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August 14 2017

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August 13 2017

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Inglourious Basterds (Quentin Tarantino, 2009)



To those of you condemning what’s happening in Charlottesville from the safety of other states, don’t forget that a lot of us actually live there or somewhere else in Virginia.



I know some of y’all don’t find it hard to believe, but those Nazis and klansmen legit live in Virginia. This is not a multi-state conglomeration that represents the last dying embers of white supremacy in the United States. They’ve always been here. When I say that I grew up in Klan country. I mean it quite literally. Them motherfuckers ain’t went nowhere. They didn’t die off. They didn’t move. They didn’t “grow out of it.” The only thing now is that they’re slicker about it.

I bet you that after they go home, not a single one will lose their jobs or be turned down for a job even though their actual faces as plastered all over the internet. Because we have to live with these people. They’re the neighbors. They’re the cops. They’re the invisible hands of businesses and institutions all over this state.

Make no mistake. This is not sudden. This is not an anomaly. This is not just because of Trump. These people have always been here, but y’all didn’t listen when the people who lived here all our lives, the ones outside the pretty, tourist attraction side of town, told you.

also, what has to be added is that for so many of these people, they will go home and have cordial relationships with black people, jewish people, gay people, immigrants, refugees, they may be their coworkers or even caretakers. white supremacists do not live in isolation, and to condemn a vague notion of the South as a nebulous other forgets that there are people who are targeted right where they live by these forces. white supremacists specifically exist through an arbitration of their beliefs, through a cultivated process where they gauge the acceptability of their beliefs at any given moment, allow it to form and structure their desires before being let out in moments such as this, expressions of fascist desire.

they are not living in these isolated, unreachable communities; rather, the ones they live in are so thoroughly inundated with white supremacy that those living within know exactly what lies underneath the politically correct veil of politics as a means of creating a measure between this structural white supremacy and everyday actions. it allows black families in these communities to be denied housing, for gaybashings to be unremarkable and a natural consequence of a Lifestyle of some sort, it creates violence but moreover there are people within these communities who experience this violence. overwhelmingly, white supremacy is enacted locally, is enacted and realized through these moments, not through gatherings of fascism but through the establishment and realization of a fascist structure that is allowed as part of maintaining neoliberal order. 

to confine this to the south, to pretend that this is merely “their problem” as so many tend to do with white supremacy is to miss exactly what makes this so horrifying. this white supremacy will lead directly to more violence, more acts of a violent character, and these acts will be targeting the exact people that liberals talk about as only existing outside of these places. white supremacists will go back to cities and towns that not only accept their white supremacy, but specifically prevent the victims of it from meaningfully combating it. these white supremacists could not exist without those they act against, and they will go back and continue to exert this violence.

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This is a picture of the heroic students from the University of Virginia that stood up to hundreds of white supremacists in Charlottesville tonight. They were completely surrounded. They were beaten. They were maced. The police stood by and watched it all happen. But they stood firm, yelling “Black Lives Matter!” and “No Racists! No KKK! No Fascist USA!” until the Nazis left. They were then forcefully removed by the police, who called them an “unlawful assembly.”

These college kids bravely stood up in the face of evil tonight. And they are a shining light on what was otherwise an extremely dark thing. Fuck fascism. Fuck white supremacy. Celebrate these fucking heroes.


Chilling Scenes As Torch-Bearing Right-Wing Protestors March Through US University


They’ve been shouting “White Lives Matter” and “Jews will not replace us” among other things. 

Shoot them. Smash their ignorant evil skulls in. These people are violent and lethally dangerous without provocation and deserve a taste of their own poison. 

You CANNOT debate them

You CANNOT reason with them

They don’t give a shit about facts, truth, or reason

And there is no such thing as “peacefully” expressing such views. Proselytizing such opinions is an act of hate and violence which can and will only result in abuse, violence and death against poc, lgbt, the left and others. 

This Alt-Right/Neo-Nazi scum does not deserve to live.






the phrase “let nazis have peaceful protests” is an oxymoron. every single nazi belief is built on a foundation of genocide, violence, and hatred. that’s their entire fucking schtick so it’s literally impossible for nazis to be peaceful in any way

Umm… I’m going to say this as a piece of caution. Don’t demonize the Nazis to the point you can’t humanize them. I’m not saying you are here as you refer to their beliefs, but I worry about folk someday forgetting that Hitler didn’t have mind control powers. Someday forgetting that real human beings without significant brainwashing committed the actions the Nazis are remembered for.

Positive traits led the people, even many within the Nazi party. They wanted to Make Germany Great Again.

The people were misled, and though very bad things were done, humans did them. Not monsters. People that were miserable and willing to believe a demagogue like Hitler. Or more recently like Trump. I have known plenty that have fallen for that despicable creature. Good people. Pressing against extreme views with any degree of force will never be fruitful. To de-radicalize, (however it is spelled) one must expose the people to truth without threatening them into covering their ears.

They believe a lie. So we must show them the lie. Telling them they can’t speak an ideology only strengthens the delusion that their ideology is correct, that they are the exceptional few and oppressed.

We can’t put out fires with gasoline.

- Adolf Eichmann, probably

omg won’t someone think of the poor nazis and their literal torch-bearing mob chanting white supremacy bullshit? which was unopposed by police so incompetent that they crashed their own helicopter for no apparent reason? and brutally crashed a fucking car into a crowd of dozens of peaceful protesters at high speed (and then backed into them to increase the number of injuries) because they disagreed with the neo-nazis’ hateful message??? they just want to make america great again u guise have a heart :((

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